Safety Guard - Frankfort

Company Name:
CF Industries
##### Job Summary:
This position is responsible for monitoring and logging the security of the facility. Notifies appropriate CF and emergency personnel as circumstances warrant.
##### Job Responsibilites:
Conducts periodic inspection tours throughout the office building and grounds to
guard against fire, theft, vandalism, illegal entry; and, product releases. Monitors
safety hazards and other abnormal conditions. In the event of an emergency notifies
appropriate personnel of the situation and evacuates the premises.
Observes various environmental conditions and responds to emergency alarm
systems within the facility.
Observes and reports unusual conditions, including detection of unusual activities or
NH3 leaks.
Secures all access points in accordance with established procedures.
Physical Requirements:
Must be able to climb stairs (1-7 feet)
Must be able to lift fire extinguisher weighing 20-50 pounds in an emergency
Must be able to carry fire extinguisher up to 100 feet in an emergency
Must have dexterity in all body movements
Kneeling and bending are required on an infrequent basis
Must be capable of walking on various surfaces for distances up to approximately
mile and capable of standing and moving for short periods of time (approximately 30
Sensory Requirements:
Eyesight: good or corrected
Hearing: able to carry on conversation and hear audible warning signals
Color perception necessary
Normal smelling ability
Spatial perception necessary
Working Conditions:
Usually works alone
Heat: conditions up to 100 degrees for 15 minutes at a time without a break
Cold: conditions of actual -35 degrees or windchill of -65 degrees for no more than
20 minutes
Dust or chemicals - ability to wear escape breathing apparatus
Acid or Alkalis - occasionally in proximity
Noise: contact on routine working basis for short periods of time, capable of wearing
Lighting: in contact with natural, fluorescent and/or incandescent
Dampness: outdoors at times
##### Successful incumbents will have:
High School Diploma, or equivalent life experience
Ability to communicate orally and in writing as well as by telephone
##### Position Scope/Contribution:
Ensures security of the facility during non-operating hours
Location: Frankfort
Schedule Type: Part Time

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